Vim command notes

Search /word Search “word” from top to bottom ?word Search “word” from bottom to top /jo[ha]n Search “john” or “joan” /\< the Search “the”, “theatre” or “then” /the\> Search “the” or “breathe” /\< the\> Search “the” /\< ….\> Search all words of 4 letters /quest\|ans Search “fred” but not “alfred” or “frederick” /\<\d\d\d\d\> Search exactly …

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Converting Monkey’s Audio (ape) to FLAC

Install flac, shntool and mac on Archlinux box #yaourt -S flac shntool mac Single file: #shntool conv -o flac xxxxx.ape Split with cue info: #shntool split -f image.cue -t ‘%n.%t’ -o flac image.ape or cuebreakpoints image.cue | shnsplit -o flac image.ape Reference:

Migrate your Thunderbird emails from Windows to Linux

Delect garbage mail then “Compact Folders” before migrate. Copy your prefile directory form Windows to Linux. Windows 2000 or XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\Profile name Linux: ~/.thunderbird/Profile name/ Copy profiles.ini from Windows to Linux too. [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 [Profile0] Name=default IsRelative=1 Path=xxxxxxxx.default Reference: