Aquaponics begin

My house Reverse Osmosis system have a lot of waste water so I collect it in a box at top of washing machine. Because washing machine can’t use up all of the waste water so I use 3 way connect let superfluous water into fish tank. The fish tank overflow water will go to balcony’s plant. But the RO’s waste water still too much for me then I decision to create a small Aquaponics to use these water.

RO’s waste water collect box.
RO's waste water collect box

Fish tank.
Fish tank

Fish tank overflow.
Fish tank overflow

The old small fish tank have Water Lily, Medaka, Red Cherry Shrimp, Daphnia breed box, water pump and heater.
Old fish tank

I use angle iron to create the shelf rely on the railing for five plant planters.
plant planters

Plant planters Bell Siphone.
plant planters Bell Siphone

Plant planters pipe.
plant planters pipe


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